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When you consider a water treatment or filter system for your house, you’ll have to decide on its proper installation. Do you wish to have filtered water for the house? Or do you want to have a unit that easily filters drinking water?

If you’re after a filter that provides you with all-around benefits for the used water in faucets, showers, pipes, and appliances, it’s best to have a water filter system with a point of entry function.

Meaning of Point of Entry Filters

The point of entry water filters is also known as house filters. They’re named as they get installed in the point of entry of the house – i.e. the closest point to where the mainline enters the house. Typically, the mainline water is on the house perimeter, street side. This can also be in the basement.

Due to its location, the point of entry filtration system offers a filtered water solution for all taps in the house.

Benefits of Point of Entry Water Filters

Less Aesthetic Issues

A lot of Point of water ultrafiltration systems can easily minimize and remove compounds like chlorine, sulfur, or iron. With a house water filter, you can easily filter contaminants that result in aesthetic issues and improve the water quality while minimizing frequent cleaning requirements.

Get Improved Taste of Drinking Water

While it is a bonus that a point of entry filter provides treatment for the entire house, it is a priority that the drinking water quality from the sink faucet is better. The point-of-use filter improves the taste of water and helps you get rid of unpleasant odors and smells. The water filtration system also reduces any prospectively harmful contaminants while making the water suitable for drinking.

Lessens any Skin or Hair Issues

A whole-house softener, a renowned point of entry water system, can particularly become helpful to eliminate minerals such as magnesium or calcium. The minerals are linked to dryness and skin irritation, dandruff, hair breakage, and scalp.

After installation of a point-of-use softener, you might notice an improvement in skin and hair health, if this was an issue of the past.

Save Bottled Water Money

You won’t have to purchase bottled water when you’ve got a point-of-use treatment system. You get quality water from your faucet. You’ll save lots of amount by cutting single-usage bottles.

Extends Lifespan of Appliances

When you’ve installed a point of entry system in the main water line, the entire house benefits from better water from the time it enters your house. Things that require water usage on daily basis like washing machines, dishwashers, and showers, last for a long when they’re using filtered and clean water that doesn’t corrode surfaces.

Higher Capacity

With the point of entry legionella shower head filters, homeowners get gallons of clean, sediment, and filtered water – there isn’t any limit on production capacity.

When you compare point of entry water filters with the point of use systems, both these work with the same features and address the same concerns (such as heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, etc.). The real difference between both is the price and size. Many affordable options are available when considering portable systems for filtration.


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