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How A New Jersey Moving Company Helped Relocate Traffic Barricades

It’s not often that city employees fall short on resources for day to day job duties. New Jersey invests a lot of money in their local communities and pay city employees a decent compensation for their hard work. But during this past holiday season the city found itself short on work trucks needed to transport traffic moving road blocksbarricades from East New Jersey to the West side. In desperate need of man power and moving trucks, it didn’t take long for city officials to call on some NJ movers for help. They made a call and within the hour there were moving trucks and movers loading traffic barricades into the moving trucks. At first glance this may appear to be a simple solution, and it was… however, availability was scarce. They had contacted multiple moving companies and the trucks were all off site either loading or unloading. Finally they found a company with a few trucks in their yard that were available to help get these traffic barricades moved across town.

This story still surprises me, the city event had been planned for some time and city officials were very aware of the need to get these traffic barriers moved in time to set them up. Getting the barricades set up and in place allowed for road closures and detours that gave event planners the space they needed to make the event successful. So who is coordinating these events? Who is in charge of moving the traffic cones and barricades across town before an event? Is that a city or union job? Is this service contracted out to a locally privately owned business? I want to know where my tax dollars are going! I mean if they can’t get something this simple coordinated and completed then maybe it’s time for me to move! If I do, I’ll be looking to Moving Companies NJ for help relocating.