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Traffic Barricades Clutter Keller Parkway As Crews Repair The Roadway

keller parkway traffic barricadeKeller Parkway has been long overdue for road repair and as unwelcome as the traffic delays are, commuters are extremely excited to have the roads repaired before the winter. Heavy Texas rains have plastered the main roadway, and that combined with the massive amount of local traffic, Keller Parkway has taken a beating over the years. This has been on the back burner for the past few years until the City of Keller received private donations from multiple businesses owners in an attempt to expedite the road work. Now traffic barriers can be seen along the roadway between North Main Street and North Pearson Lane. As you pass through Keller heading Eastbound on Southlake you will notice that the road work is almost complete. When heading west bound on Keller Parkway towards Golden Triangle Boulevard you will see the project is at a standstill. This is because there was a city pipeline running under the intersection at Cindy St and Keller Parkway that was damaged and city officials are scrambling to get crews on the scene to repair. The project is expected to be finished by November of 2017. With holiday travel kicking off in November for Thanksgiving, city officials would prefer to have the roadway repaired for travel before holiday travelers hit the road for the holiday.

Possible Events Post Road Repair

If Keller Parkway is repaired in time for the low rider show, could it become the drag strip for collectors to show off their cars? Could the 10k race take place along the newly paved stretch of road? Could the Very Merry Light Parade take place on Keller Parkway this year?

There are a lot of groups and organizations that will benefit from the road repair. The city may also increase it’s use of the newly repaired road if officials can plan beyond 2017 for Keller city events. You can visit for event dates and details.

Thanks To The 4 Local Businesses That Sponsored The Keller Parkway Project

Keller Tavern

Callahan Motor Company

Online Texas Homes

Performance Chiropractic