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You have decided to buy a home outright or you are in the process of building one. Both are fantastic decisions and it will certainly take you to a situation where your dreams will come true. However, you have quite a few things to take care of and many loose ends have to be tied up. You need to have a fix on the funding because homes, whether customized or pre-constructed do not come for cheap. They could cost you a few hundred thousand dollars. While you may have some savings of your own to take care of the initial payment, you need to arrange for a mortgage loan to take care of the balance. Further, you also would like to be sure that the property in question is free from construction defects once it is ready for handover to you. It is quite likely that you may not have any information or knowledge about construction defects. You will, most certainly, have to depend on professional and experienced construction defect expert witnesses. Let us try and find out why you need their services and what services you can expect from them.

They Have Experience & Expertise

Construction defect experts come with experience and expertise in their domain. They are capable of identifying possible areas of defects that we will never be able to find out. There are many areas where construction defects could happen. It could be related to poor framing; issues about masonry work, poor carpentry work, issues related to the foundation, plumbing insufficiencies and also shortcomings related to electrical wiring and other related works. They also would be able to find out possible areas where the building standards and codes may not have been adhered to. Not being able to identify these could cost the homeowners dear and hence it makes sense to hire the services of these professionals for a price.

They Will Be Able To Identify The Source

When you hire the right construction defect witness professionals, you have many other advantages coming your way. They will be able to find out the main source of the defect. While this will help in pinning down the builders and contractors, as a homeowner, you also will be able to heave a sigh of relief. You will be able to get on with the task of rectifying the problem. All these can be done before you move into the new home or before you decide to give it for rent.

They Could Help In Appraisal

Your builder or promoter would have quoted a price taking into account the size of the property, the location, size and construction quality, and other such attributes. While in most cases it would be in line with the market rates, hiring the services of a good construction defect expert in Tulsa may be a good idea. He or the company will be able to give you a reasonably accurate answer as to whether the price that is being charged from you is correct or not.

Final Word

We are sure that the above article would have given the readers and prospective homeowners a rough idea about the roles and responsibilities of these professionals. It also could help them to make the right choice.

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The construction of a building, residential or commercial, involves a lot of money so it becomes necessary for the buyers to be sure about the quality of construction completed is as per the building construction norms or not. Though one can satisfy himself by inspecting the building himself but it will not be possible for you if you do not have any technical knowledge or time required for this purpose.

So, in this condition, you must think of hiring a third party professional to inspect the building on your behalf. He will use his knowledge, experience, skills, and qualifications to examine the construction thoroughly and certify it as a defect-free construction. These experts are known as construction defect expert witnesses. Being a third party service, these experts can help in resolving disputes between the sellers and the buyers as they do not have any interest in that property.

In this way, a construction defect expert can offer a number of benefits to his client like:

A cheap and quick inspection

You can be sure about the effective, affordable and on time services when you hire a construction expert to inspect the building you are planning to buy. As compared to arbitration and litigation it is better to hire a third-party professional to inspect the building on the basis of his knowledge and experience in a time-bound manner. On the other hand, litigation and arbitration may take a long time to reach some conclusion. These professionals try to satisfy both, seller and buyer, by completing the process within a limited time period.

Keeping commercial relationships intact

When you hire a third party expert to find the defects in the construction then it does not affect the relationship between the buyer and the seller as the expert has no vested interest in that property. The evaluation is done without any external pressure. It also helps in sorting out the damages with mutual consent. In this way, the evaluation by a third party expert can help in maintaining commercial relationships appropriately.

Investigations can be carried out

The third-party expert hired for detecting defects in the construction can also be used to investigate the building thoroughly when required to report about the defects in it. They are empowered to do investigations that are important and meaningful in legal matters. They can help in resolving the issues with mutual consent of the seller and the buyer at a faster speed.

Handling technical issues effectively

The technical issues may or may not be handled effectively by the buyers due to lack of time, knowledge or experience. In this situation, you can hire a construction defect expert so that he can resolve technical disputes by asking questions as well as ensuring the right solution to the problems.


In this way, a construction defect expert can offer a number of benefits to the buyer of a building as discussed in this write-up. Being a third party service they have no vested interest in the property and for that reason, their process of examination and investigation of the building remains speedy, impartial and transparent.

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