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It is pure dedication that drove Rena Crittendon to return to the home of an 88-year-old woman named Elnora after an all-female DPR team completed a series of home renovations as part of Rebuilding Together San Francisco’s SHEBUILDS day. It is Crittendon’s pride in her work, as part Bay Area community initiatives champion, part field office coordinator (FOC), that challenged her to go back and stucco Elnora’s house herself, furthering what she learned from her teammates that day.

When women unite, they can accomplish anything.

In launching the SHEBUILDS day this year, Rebuilding Together San Francisco not only highlighted the level of need among women in the community, but also showcased the ability of women in construction and design industries to assist and empower other women in their own backyard. And the need is real; Rebuilding Together points to statistics showing that more than one in seven women and one in five children live in poverty across the U.S. In 2015, 66% of the homes repaired by Rebuilding Together San Francisco were headed by a woman.

Arundhati Ghosh, a BIM project engineer with DPR, got the ball rolling on the SHEBUILDS project after hearing about the opportunity from a colleague. She had participated on Rebuilding Together projects in the past, but Ghosh said the prospect of an all-female team was intriguing. “The group I currently work with is all men,” she said. “It was interesting to me to see how it would be if it was an all-women’s group with women taking the lead instead of men.”

Elnora Edited
The all-female DPR team completed a series of home renovations for an 88-year-old woman named Elnora. Photo courtesy of J. Rosenfeld

Ghosh reached out to Crittendon, and a team of nearly 40 of DPR’s female employees, along with 10 women from other companies, joined together to tackle the much-needed home improvement project.

“There were holes in the ceiling and wall in the back bedroom behind the quilting room the woman uses, and a 10-ft.-long strip that was open to the elements. This was not going to be just a patch job,” Crittendon noted. Electrical and plumbing fixes were also needed. “We took several walk-throughs with an all-female team of experts, including a carpenter superintendent, structural engineer and others, and decided we needed more than one day to do the job.”

Finding the skilled trade workers to make up the all-female team seemed daunting, but the team ultimately secured several electricians, two skilled workers from DPR’s self-perform demolition crew, a carpenter superintendent (Vic Julian, DPR’s first female superintendent), a plumber (the granddaughter of the homeowner), and many others. When planning the build day with the team, some people questioned, “can we pull this off? Can we do this with only women?” Crittendon’s answer was, “hell yes!” 

Women Working Edited
The DPR team was made up of different experts, including a carpenter superintendent, structural engineer and others. Photo courtesy of A. Fortune

In addition to the 430 total hours of planning and building invested in the project, the DPR-led, all-female team brought a strong sense of collaboration, an innate trust in their teammates, and support for fellow team members’ input and ideas. “The camaraderie was amazing,” Ghosh said. “It was really high energy all day, and it was extremely collaborative.”

Additional comments from the women who participated and were surveyed at project completion included one who said, “I gained invaluable hands-on experience with construction. I love that our community initiative activities help our employees grow their skillsets as builders.” Another commented that the personal reward was “some really great teamwork and knowing we really improved the quality of life of the person we helped.”

It is the “awesomeness” that comes out of each event that grows Crittendon’s passion for helping others even more. “The women who helped us build over the course of the two days are smart, strong and technical. They inspire me every day, and they taught me so much about building. I feel so much more confident now in my own abilities because of them,” she said.

Rena Portrait Edited
During the first half of 2017, Crittendon (pictured) has organized community events in the Bay Area that impacted 600 under-resourced youth who learned about construction skills and careers through education modules, mentoring and career fairs; 25 staff members at local nonprofits who participated in professional development with DPR’s training staff; and one individual—Elnora—who was impacted through DPR’s expertise in facility construction and renovation. Photo courtesy of Everett Rosette

Similar to how a project team builds the right relationships with the right partners (architects, owners, subcontractors) at the beginning of a job, Crittendon in her community role strives to form the right partnerships with the right organizations so DPR’s employees can serve them in the best ways they know how: facility construction, career/educational opportunities and operational support. 

For Crittendon, it’s all about the long-term impact, the people who come out to volunteer, and the people they are serving. It’s the women she works with, who build great things and inspire her every day. It’s showing her kids that she can be a full-time working mom, handling two different roles at DPR while still managing to coach her daughter’s travel softball team. She is more than just passionate about all she does–she is proud.

So are we. 

Richmond, Virginia teenagers had the opportunity to learn about construction planning and safety and then test their leadership skills guiding younger children through a hands-on build project during DPR’s three-day School of Construction for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond this May.

DPR’s Mid-Atlantic office tailored their second annual School of Construction event in a way designed to better engage teen members of the local Boys & Girls Clubs. Around 25 members from the Northside and Southside clubs, including five older teens, participated. They joined together with 16 DPR employees to plan and run an event that shared DPR’s unique technical skillsets with the community while educating local youth.

“The goal was really expanding our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs and better engaging their teen population,” said Diane Rossini, community outreach coordinator for DPR’s Richmond office. “All of the teens were very excited to take ownership of the build. It was great to see the smiles on their faces when they succeeded in working through a problem.”

School Of Construction Sketch Up
Teens were introduced to construction planning and BIM tools used in real-world scenarios including P6 scheduling, 3-D and 4-D modeling. Photo courtesy of Diane Rossini

The School of Construction event kicked off with a planning day with the teen leaders. Teens partnered with DPR volunteers and discussed how they would be leading the hands-on building groups. DPR employees had the chance to share their various career paths and what DPR stands for as a company. The teens were also introduced to construction planning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools used in real-world scenarios including P6 scheduling, 3-D and 4-D modeling.

A follow-up pre-build and safety day with the teen leaders offered the teens an opportunity to work side-by-side with DPR volunteers, complete with a PPE safety gear demo and pre-task plan. The teens worked through the building process and gained the confidence they needed to lead the younger club members on build day.

During the actual School of Construction Day at DPR’s Richmond office, the youth were exposed to virtual and augmented reality tools used in construction and offered a chance to interact with a virtual construction site. Teen leaders guided groups of younger students to build five prefabricated planter boxes. Those boxes will be donated to Renew Richmond’s community garden education program at G.H. Reid Elementary School and installed by DPR volunteers in June.

School Of Construction Smile
Teen leaders guided groups of younger students to build prefabricated planter boxes, which were donated to Renew Richmond’s community garden education program. Photo courtesy of Diane Rossini

Darricka Carter, director of corporate & foundation relations for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond, commented, “DPR’s School of Construction provided our club members a chance to learn new skills, be exposed to new career opportunities and instilled in them a sense of accomplishment. The skillsets they gained will help them set goals for their future and develop personally and professionally.”

Feedback from the teens themselves showed DPR succeeded in that goal–one that challenged them well beyond the typical role as student to take on a leadership role as a teacher instead.

“It was challenging to teach kids to want more,” said Tyreicq, one of the teen leaders. “I told them that if you want something you’ve never had in your life, you will have to do something you’ve never done.”

School Of Construction Group Photo
The DPR School of Construction gave Boys & Girls Club members a chance to learn new skills, be exposed to new career opportunities and instilled in them a sense of accomplishment. Photo courtesy of Diane Rossini

Teen leader Amira, a graduating senior who plans to major in mechanical engineering in college, had the chance to partner directly with DPR team members from engineering backgrounds who shared their experience with her. “It was cool to hear the perspectives of other individuals with similar interests and educational backgrounds,” she said.

David LeFebvre, director of development at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond added, “The School of Construction was a beautiful blend of service-learning, DPR employees’ expertise and team-building. It was such a well-designed program that allowed our kids to learn about what different kinds of jobs are out there, how they can contribute to their community, and how important it is to work as a team. This kind of activity is exactly what BGCMR is looking for to get our kids ready for life.” 

School Of Construction Planter Boxes
The planter boxes at G.H. Reid Elementary School were installed by DPR volunteers in June and will serve Renew Richmond’s community garden education program for years to come. Photo courtesy of Diane Rossini
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Photo courtesy of David Galen

Lisa Lingerfelt’s first project when she returned to work from maternity leave in 2006 was her first as a project manager (PM). A defining moment in her 15-year career, Lingerfelt led the construction of a $60 million ground-up lab facility for the University of Virginia (UVA), then a new customer for DPR. The team needed to exceed expectations, and rose to the occasion. Lingerfelt still takes great pride in how the team turned over the facility on time, under budget and with no punchlist items at substantial completion.

It was on that project as a PM where Lingerfelt grew both her leadership and technical skills, learning the difference between managing and leading, and technical knowledge ranging from the complexities of geopiers to comparing the aesthetics and spec requirements of welds on an ornamental stair.

Today, Lingerfelt is a Business Unit Leader for DPR’s Mid-Atlantic region, supporting operations throughout the Northeast. As DPR has grown, she has grown with it. She was named to ENR’s Top 20 Under 40 list in 2013, and was recognized as a leader in the industry on Constructech’s Women in Construction list in 2015. 

Lisa1 Edited
Lingerfelt was named to ENR’s Top 20 Under 40 list in 2013, and was recognized as a leader in the industry on Constructech’s Women in Construction list in 2015. Photo courtesy of David Galen

Early in her career, even after she earned a B.S. in engineering and a master’s in construction management, Lingerfelt struggled with self-confidence. She joined DPR in 2002 as a project engineer, and felt young and inexperienced in a complex, technical world. On one occasion when she was the lead project engineer on the Virginia Capital Square Renovation project, Lingerfelt was standing with her team during a press conference. A visiting politician mistook her as the daughter of one of her colleagues and asked her if it was “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.”

It took time for her to find her voice and speak up more in meetings, but she soon realized that the key for unlocking her inner confidence was experience and expertise. She was someone who grew the most when she was outside of her comfort zone—challenging herself to persevere and develop her capabilities.

“Once I had the experience and expertise, my confidence grew and the more I spoke up, the more I realized that my voice did make a difference and had an impact. It was not easy. I worked hard, and always in the best interest of our projects and company,” she said. “And in turn, DPR has believed in me and recognized me for my accomplishments and skills.” 

Lisa2 Edited
Lingerfelt thrives on problem-solving and teamwork, and particularly enjoys the unique challenges of healthcare facilities. Photo courtesy of David Galen

Lingerfelt loves how every day is different in her role at DPR. She knows our core value of enjoyment is about how the people who work at DPR find their work intrinsically satisfying, are passionate about what they do, and love being a part of the DPR family. She enjoys coming to work every day–no matter how early, and no matter what challenge is ahead of her.

She thrives on problem-solving and teamwork, and particularly enjoys the unique challenges of healthcare facilities–the emphasis on patient care, rigorous cleanliness standards and the challenge of keeping an occupied hospital up and running during construction. She has led notable projects including the renovation of VCU Health Medical Center, which is located in a congested downtown area, surrounded on all sides by active medical facilities and expected to be completed in 2018.

While the UVA project, her first as a PM over a decade ago, was a defining moment in her career, Lingerfelt’s proudest moment is when she comes home and realizes that as a working mom, she is a role model for her two kids. She is showing them by example, that they don’t have to give up their professional aspirations to be a parent.

And whenever she tells her 11-year old daughter or her 9-year old son that she is proud of them, her heart melts when they smile and respond that it is her that they are most proud of.

Despite the diminutive size of a tiny house project that DPR recently completed for Community First! Village in Austin, more than 50 DPR volunteers brought big building skills and even bigger heart to the job.

The project is part of a 27-acre development owned by Mobile Loaves & Fishes that will ultimately offer around 275 disabled, chronically homeless people in central Texas a long-term living community.

“It’s been nothing short of phenomenal,” commented Alan Graham, director of Mobile Loaves and Fishes at Community First! Village. “The DPR team is just awesome. From a corporate culture point of view, that whole (DPR) team out there has been stellar and it blows me away that a company as large as DPR has such a big heart.” 

Tiny House2 Edited
Over 50 volunteers from DPR Austin put their unique, technical skills to work to build a tiny home for a chronically homeless person in Austin. Photo courtesy of Diane Shelton

The large volunteer workforce, including skilled craftspeople, self-perform drywallers, painters, carpenters and others, constructed the tiny house over about two and a half weeks in April. In true DPR style, crews willingly jumped in to help construct the 220-sq.-ft. tiny house with a 300-sq.-ft. rooftop deck, even though all are busy on DPR projects in the thriving Austin market. The volunteer workforce included the many other DPR employees on jobsites who covered their colleagues’ work while they were away building the tiny house.

Graham described the Community First! Village model as a “radical new movement” designed to provide a new start for the formerly homeless.

“It’s really centered around the idea that housing will never solve homelessness, but community will,” he said. 

Tiny House3 Edited
Volunteers constructed the house over about two and a half weeks in April. Photo courtesy of Diane Shelton

Record-Setting Build
While the end product itself may be tiny, the challenges getting the tiny house completed on DPR’s self-imposed two-and-a-half-week schedule loomed large. That build schedule easily surpassed the speed that any of the other 130 or so tiny houses on site have gone up to date. 

“DPR built this faster than Community First! has ever seen one of their tiny houses come together – ever,” said DPR’s Angie Weyant, one of the project’s organizers. The team also overcame challenges including inclement weather and design adjustments. 

Tiny House1 Edited
The Community First! Village will provide a new start for the formerly homeless. Photo courtesy of Diane Shelton

Taking Stock of Lessons Learned
Although it has been challenging, in typical DPR fashion, volunteers “are already talking about when we do this the next time, how will we do it better?” Weyant said with a laugh. “What makes us different is the initiative and genuine desire of our teams to use our technical and self-perform work skills to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.”

For now, they are making plans for a ribbon-cutting or housewarming ceremony, perhaps with the lucky tenant who moves into the DPR-built tiny house. While the reward for the new tenant is a permanent home to live in while they pay rent and contribute to the community around them, for the DPR team, the payoff is simply knowing they made a difference to someone in need.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize and celebrate our working moms–women who build, lead and inspire us today and every day.

We asked moms of DPR: what does being a working mom mean to you? The answers we received were moving, and we wanted to share them with you below. To our everyday heroes–thank you for all that you do as we continue to celebrate #WomenWhoBuild. 

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How A New Jersey Moving Company Helped Relocate Traffic Barricades

It’s not often that city employees fall short on resources for day to day job duties. New Jersey invests a lot of money in their local communities and pay city employees a decent compensation for their hard work. But during this past holiday season the city found itself short on work trucks needed to transport traffic moving road blocksbarricades from East New Jersey to the West side. In desperate need of man power and moving trucks, it didn’t take long for city officials to call on some NJ movers for help. They made a call and within the hour there were moving trucks and movers loading traffic barricades into the moving trucks. At first glance this may appear to be a simple solution, and it was… however, availability was scarce. They had contacted multiple moving companies and the trucks were all off site either loading or unloading. Finally they found a company with a few trucks in their yard that were available to help get these traffic barricades moved across town.

This story still surprises me, the city event had been planned for some time and city officials were very aware of the need to get these traffic barriers moved in time to set them up. Getting the barricades set up and in place allowed for road closures and detours that gave event planners the space they needed to make the event successful. So who is coordinating these events? Who is in charge of moving the traffic cones and barricades across town before an event? Is that a city or union job? Is this service contracted out to a locally privately owned business? I want to know where my tax dollars are going! I mean if they can’t get something this simple coordinated and completed then maybe it’s time for me to move! If I do, I’ll be looking to Moving Companies NJ for help relocating.

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There’s lots of info online, so it is easy to find out about the different cosmetic procedures. You can watch videos covering such procedures, read narratives of patients who’ve gone through them, and join dialogues on reputable newsgroups. Remember that, although the Internet is stuffed with information, there are ones that are conflicting too, so it’s critical to check this first with your professional. All cosmetic procedures include dangers that are potential, even if some are non-invasive. During the consultation stage, your physician should be sincere and open to you with regard to the possible rinks /dangers involved. Don’t trust any professional who says that there are no risks involved in undergoing the process.

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There are lots of contradictory viewpoints about chiropractors and in most instances there isn’t any virtue.

1. There are scientific evidences showing that chiropractic treatment works. Chiropractic has plenty of scientific evidence showing the treatment works. Along with many others it demonstrates that there’s positive signs in the treatment of neck pain, lower back pain, as well as cervicogenic dizziness.

2. You cannot be an experienced Lee’s Summit chiropractor by just taking a weekend class. This can be not totally true. A typical comparison is the quantity of hours done at university a medic and by a chiropractor.

3. Chiropractic is a profession that is recognized. Authorities regulates chiropractors by the General Chiropractic Council. It’s fastest growing complementary medicine on the planet and the widest used.

4. Chiropractic care is safe. Chiropractic care continues to be demonstrated to be among the safest clinical treatments. The most common problem is that stroke is caused by neck adjustments. How can the neck alteration function as matter to attribute?

5. Chiropractors are “real doctors.” Although they’re not a Medical Doctor they’re a Doctor of Chiropractic.

6. Chiropractors do not x-ray everyone. Due to this chiropractors must follow stringent guidelines (IRMER) to who they can and can not x-ray. There always must be reason to x-ray and in a large proportion of instances this is not absent.

7. If your bones are simply breaking, that can’t be healthy. Bones should not be breaking. This continues to be revealed to be a safe approach to doing so and is needed where the back just isn’t working right.

8. Chiropractors do not just deal with issues in the back. Chiropractors are trained to cope with all issues affecting nerves, muscles, and joints. This ranges from shoulder issues to ankle issues to neck issues. Chiropractors also learn about other pathologies outside to allow them to fix their treatment fashion to suit the individual and of what they treat so they can be capable to discover when there is something serious going on.

9. By correcting the spinal column chiropractors do not promise to treat all problems. This can not be true. This is the doctrine in the 1800s when chiropractic was devised. Off present medical research, just like medicine, chiropractic has made big progress and now mostly works since that time. Some chiropractors follow the doctrine that is first which is significant to locate a chiropractor that suits you.

10. Chiropractors are not after your cash. Because chiropractic care is not free, people suppose that chiropractors are only after your cash. It’d be to help individuals and not because they needed to make money if you should ask a bunch of first year pupils why they needed to be a chiropractor. Chiropractors frequently given reduced rates or free treatments if someone is not enhancing the way they should. It’s a scenario of a few impact a few ill-educated chiropractors have given a poor name for many chiropractors.

If you are seeking pressure washing services, or have heavy gear and are washing it yourself, you might be wondering what precisely is the most practical way to get it clean. Everyone has their own way of cleaning, one may differ from another. No matter what method you choose, here are some tips to make sure the task is done correctly and effectively.

Their gear cleans as infrequently as more and some monthly or annually. Pressure will not clean and degrease backhoe, an excavator or another piece of machines. Electricity alone is not going to do it and an excessive amount of electricity in the wrong spots can shove grease from wear regions that are significant.

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Could it be bio- ? Is it alkaline or acidic? Where are the deposits going? How are the hydrocarbons handled? As an example, lets say you’ve got a wash bay using an oil/water separator. Have you any idea if soaps or the degreaser you’re using will cause issues with the procedure for removing the oil in the water. Reducing the quantity of run-off, letting you use less, and adding an excellent high pressure soap can subsequently be more efficient, water used, and the soap on the earth, which can be consistently better for the local surroundings.

Powering grunge and grime off with cold water uses soap and considerably more degreaser and requires considerably longer to reach a reasonable result. This can be even more significant in the early springtime and the wintertime. And this will take more to get you free. So the operator should, at times that are free, make sure the courses are often attended to.

You’ve got an excellent hot water pressure washing machine, then yes and if you’re not especially active, it’s. A competent professional technology, can pressure and degrease wash a machine better and quicker, which can in fact mean a cost economies, in the place of an expense that is added.

So the following time you need to get that backhoe, excavator, dump truck or what have you clean, you could need to phone an expert pressure washing service that uses water that is hot. If there is no on site water, ask them how much expertise they’ve cleaning heavy gear, and if they can be competent to take their own water. And whether you are found in Oklahoma, Colorado, or San Francisco, be sure to comply with your national Eco and local standards.