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The construction of a building, residential or commercial, involves a lot of money so it becomes necessary for the buyers to be sure about the quality of construction completed is as per the building construction norms or not. Though one can satisfy himself by inspecting the building himself but it will not be possible for you if you do not have any technical knowledge or time required for this purpose.

So, in this condition, you must think of hiring a third party professional to inspect the building on your behalf. He will use his knowledge, experience, skills, and qualifications to examine the construction thoroughly and certify it as a defect-free construction. These experts are known as construction defect expert witnesses. Being a third party service, these experts can help in resolving disputes between the sellers and the buyers as they do not have any interest in that property.

In this way, a construction defect expert can offer a number of benefits to his client like:

A cheap and quick inspection

You can be sure about the effective, affordable and on time services when you hire a construction expert to inspect the building you are planning to buy. As compared to arbitration and litigation it is better to hire a third-party professional to inspect the building on the basis of his knowledge and experience in a time-bound manner. On the other hand, litigation and arbitration may take a long time to reach some conclusion. These professionals try to satisfy both, seller and buyer, by completing the process within a limited time period.

Keeping commercial relationships intact

When you hire a third party expert to find the defects in the construction then it does not affect the relationship between the buyer and the seller as the expert has no vested interest in that property. The evaluation is done without any external pressure. It also helps in sorting out the damages with mutual consent. In this way, the evaluation by a third party expert can help in maintaining commercial relationships appropriately.

Investigations can be carried out

The third-party expert hired for detecting defects in the construction can also be used to investigate the building thoroughly when required to report about the defects in it. They are empowered to do investigations that are important and meaningful in legal matters. They can help in resolving the issues with mutual consent of the seller and the buyer at a faster speed.

Handling technical issues effectively

The technical issues may or may not be handled effectively by the buyers due to lack of time, knowledge or experience. In this situation, you can hire a construction defect expert so that he can resolve technical disputes by asking questions as well as ensuring the right solution to the problems.


In this way, a construction defect expert can offer a number of benefits to the buyer of a building as discussed in this write-up. Being a third party service they have no vested interest in the property and for that reason, their process of examination and investigation of the building remains speedy, impartial and transparent.

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There are obviously a number of advantages when you decide to hire the services of construction expert witnesses in Oklahoma City. As home buyer or a commercial property buyer, you would certainly be spending thousands and even millions of dollars. Therefore, you must be sure that you are getting the right value for money. it is quite unlikely that as a buyer of homes and properties, you will not have all the information and knowledge about the various aspects of property buying. A construction expert witness is a qualified and experienced professional whose job is to look at each aspects of home and property construction under the lens. He will be able to find out any problems and shortcoming and compare the same with the original terms of the contract. They are highly resourceful and therefore you could find their services extremely useful as far as their professional fields are concerned. Though not obligatory, you must try and hire their services because of the advantages that you could get from such a decision. We will have a look at the various advantages of hiring these professionals.

They Know How To Carry Their Own Weight

There is no doubt that when you hire the services of expert in OKC construction defect professionals, you are hiring somebody who are considered experts in this field. Therefore any feedback or opinion that are given by them could be considered as accurate and informative. If there is a need for judicial intervention at any point in time, the role of these professionals and their findings will become quite useful and handy.

They Could Kind You

There have been many instances where these experts could have worked on many similar cases as that of yours. Therefore they will be able to guide and direct you accordingly. They are experts and they also know how to present facts accurately and effectively. They also are experts in being clear in what their findings are and in most cases it would be impossible to repudiate the same.

They Can Explain Things Lucidly

Since they are experts they know how to communicate on complex subjects and that too in a simplified and concise manner. As home owners you can be sure that you have the right information and knowledge and you can use the same while negotiating the terms of the contract vis-à-vis actual work on the ground. You will have a wonderful tool to argue your case, as a homeowner, based on facts instead of just talking in thin air and going by opinions.

They Can Help Settle Cases Speedily

In case there is a need for arbitration or even settlement out of court, there is no doubt that expert construction defect professionals will be able to get the case settled in your favor quickly and efficiently. It therefore will increase the chances of success when you believe that there is some shortcoming in the overall construction of the property whether it is commercial or domestic.

In view of the facts mentioned above, it is quite obvious that there is quite a bit of value addition when you decide to hire the services of professional construction defect experts.

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If you are looking to buy a ready to occupy home, apartment or a customized one, then you have to be sure that you are buying the right one free from defects and other such problems. The defects could be structural or the quality of materials used could be not of the right standard. As a first time buyer, especially in case of domestic transactions, it would be impossible for you to inspect the property and be sure that everything is in order. Hence, the best way forward is to avail the services of a construction expert. They offer a wide variety of services and you can be sure that their services will be comprehensive and efficient, to say the least.

 They have a clear understanding of the entire construction project and also the scope of the claims. They take into account the specific needs and requirements of the clients and provide specialized experts. The size and scope of such services also vary from customers to customers and therefore it offers flexibility and versatility to the customers. We will now try and have a look at the various other services that are offered by these service providers. This will help customers to have a reasonably good idea about the kind of services that one can expect from these professionals.

 Identification Of Claims & Construction Methods

 The first and foremost task is to ensure that the claim identification is done properly. This could with regard to shortfalls and deficiencies in the quality and quantity of work that are identifiable and comparable with the original terms of the contract. They also look into the methods and means of construction and compare the same with the contract and point out any deficiencies and deviations if any.

 Risk Quantification And Evaluation

 Homes are supposed to be more than 100% safe as far as safety and security aspects are concerned. When you hire the right construction defect expert, they will act as eyewitnesses and not down the areas where the risk may not have been covered properly. This could be in respect of the quality of foundation, the capability of the construction to withstand natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, storms and other such events.

 Assessment Of Damages

 In some cases, there could be damage to the entire or part of the construction because of various reasons. These experts have the means, experience, skills and wherewithal to identify each such damage and quantify them apart from identifying the quality of such damages.

 Delays In Construction

 This is a common problem with real estate constructions and it could lead to cost overruns and various other problems. Hence, the onus lies on the buyer to point out beyond a reasonable doubt that delays have happened. This again can be possible only when experts are put on the job to evaluate and prove such loss beyond any reasonable doubt.

 The Final Word

 Apart from the above, there are other tasks too such as raising of claim on the builders, promoters or contractors and so on. Hence, there is no doubt that the role of construction defect experts is important and vital to say the least.

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